Online Dating Profile Photo Tips

Nothing says more about you than your photo. Did you know that dating profiles with photo's get 90% more interest than those without, and it take literally seconds to add a photo to your profile.

1. Say Cheese!

Smile for the cameraA smile is always free, and it shows your best side. Nobody wants to see a grumpy or confused face on a dating website, they want to see happy looking people. Profiles with smiling photo's get twice as many messages as those without. Go on, give us a smile.

2. Location, Location, Location

Holiday profile photoDon't sit in the closet, come out into the light. A well lit photo of you in an interesting location will look 100% better than one taken in a dark spare room. Some of our members have really gone for gold and added photo's of themselves on aeroplanes, boats and with the odd palm tree on a beach. Of course we can't all jump on a plane to take our profile photo, but how about a shot of you in the garden? If you don't have a garden, maybe a park? If all else fails, we suggest you try sitting facing a window, that way your face will be well lit (direct light also hides the odd wrinkle :) ).

3. Composition

Photo compositionCentre yourself. Sometimes online dating services crop member photo's down automatically to fit certain website pages. With that in mind, it's a good idea to keep your face as near the centre of the your photo as possible, that way, your photo will look great without any of your features being snipped off.

4. "Which one is you?"

Crowded photoWhile some of your best photo's of you may also contain other people, it's worth not uploading those, just in case you confuse other members about which person in the photo is you. Answering questions such as "Which one is you?" may be embarrassing. With respect, we suggest you don't upload photo's of you with either your ex, or even late partner. This also may confuse and even worry a potential date. Keep it simple, keep it fun.

5. The Professional Job

The professional dating photoSomething we've noticed popping up on our website, are professionally shot profile photo's. These are where a professional photographer is hired to take a few shots of you in their studio, or in your home. This may sound expensive, and sometimes is. One of our members came up with a cheeky way of getting his professional photo taken for free. He suggested to his son that he have professional photo's taken of the entire family. Once they were done, he uploaded his. 2 birds with one stone, you might say :)

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